LUP Notes Western Savannah Development Corporation, Sudan
AAH/1/88 Liming of Qoz Soils, plant pot trial
AAH/2/88 Nagaa Soil Plant Pot Trial
AAH/3/88/ Nagaa Tillage Trial - Jumeiza 1987
AAH/4/88 Tillage, Tree Planting and Grass Seeding on Basement Soil.
AAH/5/88 Criteria for Selecting New Wateryards in WSDC Area
AAH/6/88 Detailed Soil Survey Dimsu Development Centre farm
AAH/7/88 SPOT imagery hardcopy held for WSP-2 Area
WSD-ASD Annual Report 1987/88
AAH/10/87 Basement Tillage Trial - Hashaba 1987
AAH/11/87 LUP Filing System WSDC
AAH/12/87 Approximate Areas of Land Systems in WSP-2 Area
AAH/13/87 LANDSAT 5 Hardcopy for WSP-2 Area
AAH/14/87 Land Systems and Landuse in NWA Pilot Scheme Area